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Campania Artecard

The Campania Region has extraordinary archaeological, artistic, environmental and human resources.
An economy that is changing the face of the Region: industries that pollute are disappearing, the new transport system has taken off and tourism is being developed.
But the resource of which we are proudest is our cultural openness: for three thousand years, different peoples and distant civilizations have mixed in Campania.
With Campania Artecard we have opted to valorize our artistic heritage, to build a Campania that is tailored for tourists and increasingly aligned with the rest of Europe.

Artistic and cultural patrimony unique in the world

The extraordinary collections of the National Archaeological Museum and Capodimonte Museum, but also lesser known splendours such as the Monastery of San Martino, now superbly restored, SantElmo Castle, the ideal venue for exhibitions on the grand scale, Royal Palace and Castel Nuovo (known as the Maschio Angioino), symbols of the new dynamism behind the artistic heritage and millennial traditions of culture and civilization befitting a major European capital city: all finally brought together in an integrated package, offering a sequence of masterpieces and sensations with few rivals anywhere in the world, in the very midst of a metropolitan museum pulsing with life.

Starting from only 13 euro (8 euro for the youth) plan your 3 or 7 days tour in Campania, make use of free travel on the entire transport network, enjoy an exclusive treatment, explore worlds unique beauties making an extraordinary journey among history, art and culture.
Campania Artecard is an integrated ticket to enter without line and visiting the most important museums and archaeological sites of the Campania Region, and travelling into the country 's transport network.
For a better service to the international visitors and customers the offer is divided into 3 different typologies:

- Naples and Phlegraean Fields Card, at the rate of 13,00 euro for adults and 8,00 euro for young people in age between 18 and 25 (valid 3 days)
- All Sites Card, at the rate of 25,00 euro for adults and 18,00 euro for young people in age between 18 and 25 (valid 3 days)
- All Sites Card, (without transport) at the rate of 28,00 euro for adults and 21,00 euro for young people in age between 18 and 25 (valid 7 days)

All typologies of Campania Artecard can be bought at the Reception of the Hotel.


National Archaeological Museum (MANN)
Capodimonte National Museum
San Martino National Museum and Monastery
Saint Elmo Castle
Royal Palace
Castel Nuovo Civic Museum
Science Centre (Città della Scienza)

Phlegraean Fields
Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields in Baia
Archaeological Park of Baia
Archaeological Ruins of Cuma
Anphitheatre of Flavius and Serapeo (Temple of Serapis) in Pozzuoli
Rione Terra in Pozzuoli

Caserta and Ancient Capua
Royal Palace of Caserta
Campano Anphitheatre
Gladiators Museum
Archaeological Museum of Ancient Capua

Pompeii and Herculaneum
Pompeii Ruins
Herculaneum Ruins

Paestum and Velia
Paestum Ruins
Archaeological Museum of Paestum
Narrante Museum of Paestum
Velia Ruins

Padula and Pertosa
Padula Monastery
Grottos of the Angel in Pertosa
Mida Museum in Pertosa

Access to the entire net of transport of Consorzio Unicocampania in the whole Regione Campania running Monday to Sunday.
Use of the Alibus service from Naples Capodichino Airport to the centre of the town (Main Station of Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza Municipio).
A return trip on MM1 line of the Metrò del Mare.


Museums and other Sites
- 10% off Pignatelli Cortes and Duca di Martina Museums (Naples)
- 10% off Santa Chiara Complex (Naples)
- 10% off Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae (Ischia)
- 15% off Caserta by night
- 15% off Virtual Pompeii
- 20% off Scientific Museums of the Federico II University: Museum of Palaeontology, Mineralogy, Zoology and Anthropology (Naples)
- 20% off Baia sommersa + 10% off the rental wetsuit for the underwater visit
- 20% off Sansevero Chapel and Pio Monte della Misericordia (Naples)
- 20% off La Mortella Gardens (Ischia)
- 20% off Solfatara Volcano (Pozzuoli)
- 20% off Sannio Museum (Benevento)
- 20% off Grottos of Castelcivita (Salerno)
- 25% off Tesoro di San Gennaro Museum (Naples)
- 25% off Tessile and Abbigliamento E. Aldobrandini Museum (Naples)
- 30% off La Colombaia Foundation (Ischia)
- 30% off Campano Museum (Capua)
- 50% off Correale di Terranova Museum (Sorrento)
- 3 EUR discount on admission fee to "Suggestions at the Forum" (Pompeii)
- Free admission to the Belvedere of San Leucio Complex (Caserta)

Cultural services and other discounts
- 10% off San Carlo Theatre performance tickets (Naples)
- 10% off Trianon Theatre of the Neapolitan Song performance tickets (Naples)
- 10% off the price of exhibition catalogues in dellOvo Castle (Naples)
- 10% off Carlo Gesualdo Theatre performance tickets (Avellino)
- From 10 to 40% off additional services offered in some Museums and Sites
- 20% off Mercadante Theatre performance tickets (Naples)
- 20% off the ANM parking fee: Brin and Colli Aminei (Naples)
- 20% off audioguides to visit the center of Naples and exhibitions tickets of Open Air Museum of Naples
- 20% off Associazione Scarlatti performance tickets (Naples)
- 25% off Pietà dei Turchini Center of Ancient Music (Naples)
- 35% off educational tours to the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon - Seiano Grotto (Naples)

In order to know better all details, advantages and discounts that you can get with every typology of Campania Artecard kindly click the following link: CAMPANIA ARTECARD TYPOLOGIES


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