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Dell'Ovo Castle - Naples

The Castle's origins lie on the little island of "Megaride" (Megaris), the first port created by the Greek pionners who settled on the rocky promontory of Pizzofalcone: its history is entwined with the mythical founding of "Parthenope".
First the Villa of the delights of the Roman patrician, Lucius Licinus Lucullus, later a sanctuary for hermit monks, of whom evidence remains in the "Columns Hall" (Sala delle Colonne) with four naves created with columns recovered from Roman buildings, perhaps the refectory for the brothers.
History and legend are linked to the structures: here Odoacer imprisoned Romulus Augustulu, the last Roman Emperor; in the story of Patricia, a Saint of the Eastern Inperial family, of Catholic faith, refused to marry and rebelled against her parents, fleeing from Constantinople to reach Naples.
With the Normans, who conquered the city in 1140, the island became a royal residence and an absolute fortness.
Frederic II was so fond of the estate that he kept all his crown jewels there.
"Castle dell'Ovo" (Castel dell'Ovo) emerged with the Angevin dynasty and owes its name to the medieval legend: the poet Virgil, who according to popular beliefs of that period was a powerful wizard, bound the fate of the Castle and the city to those of an "egg" inside a jar closed inside an iron container, kept in a secret place.
In the 1400s it was conquered by Alfonso d'Aragon, who modified to suit new military needs: it was completely restructured inside during the Spanish Viceroyalty.
From the 1700s onwards, the Castle slowly declined and was only recently restored.
The charm of the place is extraordinary: a citadel fortress that offers unforgettable views of the Gulf of Naples framed in the Ancient architecture.
Streets with terraces on a slope, powerful walls and smooth views make of it a monument of exceptional beauty, and of great historical interest.
Among the structures there are the Hall of the Columns, the Gothic-Arragon open Gallery with Arks, the Church of Salvatore (linked to the settlement of the 7th century) and the Towers "Maestra" and " Normandia ".

Naples, Via Partenope (Borgo Marinari)

All days from 9.00 to 18.00; on Sunday from 9.00 to 14.00

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Additional Notes
The Castle Dell'Ovo is a site of CAMPANIA ARTECARD circuit

How you can get there from the Hotel
From Piazza Amedeo take the bus n° C25 and get off at Borgo Marinari stop.



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