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Naples Cathedral

The construction, realized on the end of the 12th century on wish of Charles II of Angiò, it incorporated the two Ancient Churches of Saint Restituta (Santa Restituta) and of Saint Stefania (Santa Stefania); two paleochristian testimonies since Saint Restituta, was realized in the 8th century on the Church of Saint Salvatore (San Salvatore), work of the 4th century while the Church of Saint Stefania went back to the 5th century.
Of the Church of Saint Stefania doesn't exist anything, while of that one of Saint Restituta we will find a homonym Chapel inside the Cathedral.
The Cathedral was built again in 1680 and modified subsequently in the following years.
The facade, reconstructed in 1407 to repair the damages of the 1349 earthquake, it results altered by pseudogothic forms for works realised between 1877 and 1905.
The inside, at Latin cross covered with a ceiling in carved wood and gilded of 1621, it is at three aisles divided by pillars that englobe 110 ancient columns of granite.
In the aisle on the right there is the Chapel of Saint Gennaro (San Gennaro), realized at the beginning of 17th century as ex vote after a pestilence with a Greek cross plan.
The dome was frescoed by Giovanni Lanfranco in 1643 and the walls, with marbles around the seven altars, were frescoed by Domenichino between 1631 and 1641.
The inside is guarded the so called "Imbusto", a shrine bust, masterpiece of Gothic sculpture, with the skull and the reliquary which contain the "Blood of Saint Gennaro", that miraculously melts twice a year: in May and September.
In the transept there are the Minutolo Chapels (of ancient Gothic architecture) and Tocco (with a floor realized in 1200), Francesco Solimena's canvas, Luca Giordano's canvas and a painting of the "Assunta", work of Perugino and students of his shop.
Under the presbytery there is the Carafa Chapel, an elegant example of Neapolitan architecture of the Renaissance.

Naples, Via Duomo 149

All days from 8.00 to 12.30 and from 16.30 to 19.00
On Sunday and Bank Holidays from 8.00 to 13.30 and from 17.00 to 19.30

ARCHAEOLOGICAL RUINS of the Naples Cathedral

The archaeological area of the Cathedral of Naples is located under the Church of Saint Restituta and under the Archiepiscopal Building, with remains dated back from the Greek era to the Dark Ages.
First there are the remains of a building of the early Roman Empire: it is possible to recognize water supply pipes.
Built on an older Greek street, it was made of tufa rock and it is still possible to see the carriages' tracks.
Moreover, there are tessel pavings dated back to the lastest Roman Empire.

EUR 3,00 Adults

How you can get there from the Hotel
From the Piazza Amedeo Station take line 2 on the subway, in the direction of Gianturco, and get off in Piazza Cavour (second stop). From Piazza Cavour enter in Via Duomo: the Cathedral is in Via Duomo 149.

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