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MADRe - Museum of Contemporary Art Donnaregina of Naples

Inaugurated with a very crowded and talked about opening on the 11th of June 2005, Naples can finally count on the “MADRe”.
This new structure enhances and completes the already rich offerings of existing artistic and museum centres, whether they be historical, classical or contemporary art.
The MADRe works in synergy with the activities of the other structure (namely, the PAN, the Castel Sant’Elmo, the National Archaeological Museum, the National Museum of Capodimonte and the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts) – interacting with the territory and with the more interesting national and international situations in the sector of contemporary art.
Unfortunately, due to the complex and radical restoration works that the building has undergone, only some parts of the MADRe are currently usable.
The first exhibition displays will remain open until the 22nd of October 2005, in the fourteen rooms that are appropriately called the “art rooms” – only on Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00 to 20:00 (free entry).
After the summer, after the end of the restoration work, which is skilfully planned and being carried out by the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza y Vieira, the long awaited Museum of Contemporary Art of Naples will finally be opened for good.
The area has been conceived of as a apace where different temporalities can meet and blend (it is subdivided over the three floors of the building, but will only be completely usable in early 2006).
The MADRe has been set up in the 13th century “Palazzo Donnaregina”, in the pulsing centre in the historic centre, almost in a symbolic contrast between the historic city and the new trends in international art.
This same contrast is also reflected in the sublime and imoerceptible restoration work on the building, by the architect Alvaro Siza y Vieira, who has retained the ambience and character of the historical building, specially in his sensible and flexible redesigning of the interiors, so that it seems to collect contemporary visions and languages inside it, like an ancient container.
The MADRe will certainly a major contribution to the diffusion of contemporary art of Naples, and a valuable addition to the social recovery of the area surrounding it.
The entrance of the Museum is on the ground floor, through a large entrance hall that leads to a large room where documentary films are screened, (accompanied by catchy soundtrack), by the Neapolitan director Pappi Corsicato, on the “birth” of the MADRe and the works that bring it to life.
Still of the first floor, in the next room, there is a display of images by the Neapolitan photographer Peppe Avallone, who, with his splendid Polaroids, reconstructs the most significant moments of contemporary art exhibitions in public spaces in Naples over the last ten years.
Through the pictures of the works that have been displayed at the annual appointment in Piazza del Plebiscito, visitors can see more of the most interesting installation of contemporary artistic language, such as the “Mountain of Slat” by Mimmo Paladino, the “Labyrinth” by Richard Serra of the “Capuzellas” disseminated on the asphalt by Rebecca Horn, just to name a few.
For its first reason, this reborn building in Via Settembrini is showing a collection of works belonging partly to private collectors, with others donated by the artists themselves.
They are all beautiful works by the most recognises artists on the contemporary scene, who, each for different reasons, is tied to Naples, to its essence and its eternal contradictions.
Among the more effective works and installations – helped by the fact that they are new works – visitors will notice the fortunate “site specific” contaminations of the artist, who, in agreement with the inspirational project of MADRe, have interacted freely in the monographic rooms, appropriating spaces, trespassing barriers, and exploiting lighting and architectural forms.
Among these, there is a room by Mimmo Paladino containing a white sculpture with its black turned, leaning on the walls, which are full of dark grooves highlighted with charcoal, almost like deep scratches on dilated skin; the room with two floors, by Francesco Clemente, where the seductive and colourful tribal images all over the walls, harmonise with the very particular majolica tiles that the artist designed and had made specially for the occasion; an installation by Jannis Kounellis has an enormous anchor resting on a piece of glass with inserts of coloured glass; the storm of brown marks in the room by Richard Long; a room with careful fitted pieces by Sol LeWitt; and “Gennaro’s Sky” by Luciano Fabro, which is an installation made of iron, painted like a starry sky that looks like paper.
Other artists, on the other hand, have limited themselves to a re-visitation of works that have already been released to the general public, including: the installation of skulls by Rebecca Horn, this time, reflected in sinisterly illuminated circular mirrors; the sturdy geometric blocks by Richard Serra; the improbable kitsch combinations by Jeff Koons; and the “White Temple” by Giulio Paolini.
In autumn, with the opening of the second floor of the building, other prestigious works will be added to the permanent collection, with some of them on long term loans from collectors and gallery owners of international renown, as well as the long waited for masterpieces by the master Anish Kapoor. (Simona Virgilio)

Naples, Via L. Settembtini 79

From Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 10.00 to 21.00; Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 24.00
Tuesday closed

EUR 3,50 Adults
EUR 3,50 Adults (extra charge for exhibitions)
EUR 2,00 for European Union members between 7 and 25 years old
EUR 1,50 for European Union members between 7 and 25 years old (extra charge for exhibitions)
Free Entrance for European Union members under 7 years old
Free Entrance on Monday
Reduced admission with Campania Artecard
Ticket office close one hour before Museum closing time

Additional Notes
The MADRe Museum is a site of CAMPANIA ARTECARD circuit

How you can get there from the Hotel
From the Piazza Amedeo Station take line 2 on the subway, in the direction of Gianturco, and get off in Piazza Cavour (second stop). From Piazza Cavour enter in Via Duomo arriving to the crossroad with Via L. Settembrini; proceed, turning on the left, for about 100 metres: the Museum of Contemporary Art Donnaregina is in Via L. Settembrini 79.


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