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Shopping in Naples

In London there is "Portobello Road", in Paris there is "Clignan Court", in Rome "Portaportese", but Naples has no rivals when it comes to street stalls and markets.
There are stalls of all types and qualities with a wide range of goods on offer: antique tables, coins and period postcards, fashionable shoes, belts, T-shirts and sweaters at great discount prices.
Intelligent veteran shoppers know that "if you look, you find", and when you find something, never accept the first price, but try for a lower one.
It is impossible to estimate the large number of sellers that attract the attention of their clients through shouting out and intensely colourful products.
We suggest a brief vade mecum of all the markets of the city, from the most chic, and therefore the most expensive, to those of opportunities where it takes a keen eye to do business.
Our itinerary begins in the Viale Virgiliano where, every Thursday, there is the "Mercatino di Posillipo" (Posillipo Street Market), and is without doubt the trendiest of all.
There you can find prestigious brands of clothing from the last season or from stock: excellent jackets, shoes, sweaters and accessories of all types, household items, makeup, pantyhose and lingerie.
The prices are unfortunately not so low, but the shoppers it caters to are prepared to spent 10 Eur more for certain items.
This is not the case for those who spend their money at the stalls of "Mercatino di Poggioreale" (Poggioreale Street Market).
There, in Via Caramanico, it is best to go nice and early to get the best deals.
This market is the largest and is also the value for money.
At Poggioreale you can find a bit of everything, but it specialises in clothing: mens, womens and childrens shoes from 10 to 20/25 Eur, pants and sweaters with similar or even lower prices, and they are all particular fashion items.
Then there is the "Mercatino dell'Umberto" (Umberto Street Market) which, in the mornings from Mondays to Saturdays, occupies most of Via Imbriani (in Chiaia area), and there it is easy to find bags, shoes, and in the winter season, scarves of all colours and materials.
It is similar to the Posillipo Market, though, in the quality is good but the prices are a little high.
Up on the Vomero hill, in Piazza degli Artisti, there are the stalls of the "Mercatino di Antignano" (Antignano Street Market), next to Piazza Medaglie d'Oro.
The prices are good and if you look hard you can find some good deals.
For fabric and household items the best place to go is the "Mercatino di Fuorigrotta" (Fuorigrotta Street Market), next to Via Leopardi, which is also a local produce market that sells all types of food products.
Good quality antiques and old junk are, on the other hand, easy to find on the steps going down from Piazza Matteotti, where you can find antique coins, old posters and dated postcards.
The same goes for the Villa Comunale, in the mornings of the third Sunday and Saturday of every month, except in August, at the "Mercatino dellAntiquariato" (Antiques Market).
It is a meeting place for the many lovers of the antique style: tables, inlaid dressers and chests of drawers, beautifully carved wooden chairs, but also many furnishing accessories for antique tastes, restored furniture or renovators delights!
Which such a wide choice, it will be the item that you are looking for that will find you! (Adelma Montemaggi Rago)

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