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Lucrino Lake - Phlegraean Fields - Naples

This locality was anciently part of the territory of Baia.
There are various legends linked to it; among the most important ones there are the legend of Hercules, who stole Geryon's oxen and to hide them better in Bauli he built with his own hands a strip of land which divided the sea from the lake and which later Julius Caesar consolidated; or we can go back to the time of the works for the construction of Portus Julius, that is when, according to Dione Cassio, the goddess Calypso began to cry; or we could also re-propose the always fascinating legend created by Pliny about the dolphin Simeon.
Arrived as far as the Portus Julius following the wake of a trireme, it made friends with a child on the spot, taking him up behind through the waters of the gulf.
A serious disease suddenly broke off the life of the child and when the dolphin Simeon did not see him waiting for it anymore, it preferred to let itself go till it died.
According to Frenkel's assertions, in its multiple transformations suffered during the centuries, the lake was considered the ancient "Stygian Marsh".
As Virgil connected it to the myth of Aeneas, so Homer, always considered a frequent caller of the Phlegraean Fields, immortalized the heroic characters of Achilles, who in the Stygian Marsh acquired the invulnerability, and Ulysses, who in what would then become the Portus Julius led his ships.
It was turned by the illustrious Roman entrepreneur Sergio Orata in an equipped fish-pond, a trade which paid him an authentic fortune.
From the Latin word "Lucrum" it would derive the name Lucrino.
Successively, it was transformed under Augustus first in naval port, in which it ripened and was planned the revenge against Pompeius and Antony and then it became a trading port.
It was indescribable the beauty and the charm of this very unique place, rich in thermal springs, the most characteristic of which is the one located on an artificial islet, built purposely not far from the beach of Baia, in proximity to the lake Lucrino.
Pretty different is the present reality.
The dimensions of the lake are today considerably reduced, as they were totally upset by the eruption of 1538, which provoked great damage to the whole locality.
We can quote the description of Sciarelli, who says about the beauties of this land:
"In the times of the Empire, the rich Romans rushed to these places, with their indispensable retinue of slaves and eunuchs, and in the waters of the lake Lucrino you cannot hear at night but songs, symphonies and tumultuous din of banquets and orgies.
In the mornings you found the lake covered with the roses and the crowns used during the banquets.
The sweetness of the air, the limp sinuosity of the shores, the blue sea, the slightly wavy hills covered with aromatic plants and flowers rendered this countryside a place of voluptuousness and rest".
(Gianni Picone - "Da Posillipo a Cuma")

How you can get there from the Hotel
From the Piazza Amedeo Station take line 2 on the subway, in the direction of Gianturco, and get off in Montesanto (fist stop); proceed by Cumana train (Naples-Torregaveta line) from terminus in Piazza Montesanto (at 100 metres from the subway Station) and get off at Lucrino stop.

Excursion of Lucrino Lake is included in itinerary of Phlegraean Fields excursion available and organized by the Hotel.
In order to know all excursion details of Phlegraean Fields kindly click the link below

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