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An Aperitif in the City centre

Naples is a cosmopolitan City, rich with contrasts and attractions, and is characterised by vivacious culture activity and an animated and busy night life.
The possibilities of having a good time vary according to the time of evening and the specific area of the City.
In the zone of Chiaia, which is the fulcrum of night life for a young and rather sophisticated clientele, there are a number of exclusive and fashionable bars and hangouts where you can enjoy an aperitif, eat a snack and chat.
Among these there is the SMove (in Vico Dei Sospiri), which is always packed; the "Vinarium" (wine restaurant in Via Cappella Vecchia), which is cosy and traditional and where you can taste good wines and dine; the "Clandalù" (in the Navarra Gallery in Piazza dei Martiti), a delicious veranda with a garden where you can spend an enjoyable evening having a chat and something to eat with friends; the small wine bar "Enoteca Belledonne" (in Vico Belledonne a Chiaia), for the sale and tasting of wine, is one of the best known and crowded wine bars at the weekend.
Whilst from Mondays to Thursday it is ideal for a tranquil aperitif, at the weekend it become the dominion of the young crowds who spend their time bar hopping in the adjacent streets.
There are: the "66" (in Via Bisignano), the "Chandelier" (on the corner of Vico Belledonne a Chiaia and Via Bisignano), the "SMove Light Bar" (in Via Ferrigni), the "Tasca" (in Vico Belledonne a Chiaia) and many others...
When on Thursday nights and weekend nights things really get happening, there are plenty of places to meet up and continue the evening drinking, listening to music or dancing in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Among these there are the "Chiatamoon Sax Cafè" (in Via Chiatamone), the "SMove" (in Vico dei sospiri), the "Baba Bar" (in Via Chiatamone) and the "Pinterrè" (in Via Partenope).
For those of you who love popular and fashionable nightclubs where you can spend the whole night until dawn, you must drop in to the trendy "Aiahii" disco bar on the beach (discesa Coroglio) with its splendid view of the little island of Nisida, the "Miles" (in Via San Pasquale a Chiaia), the "Mela", a chic and exclusive classic for Neapolitan clubbers, the "Scalinatella" (in Via San Pasquale a Chiaia), the "Siddartha" (in Via Vito Fornari), the "Solo" (in Via Ferrigni), the "Lorna Doonè" (in Vico Satriano) and the "White Bar" (in Vico Satriano).
If you prefer a more underground and alternative atmosphere, in the Ancient Centre there are a number of bars and restaurants where you can spent the evening sipping drinks, eating and listening to some good music.
Among the small bars in Vico Paladino there are the "Vineria del Centro", a nice amd cosy two place, the "Berevino" wine bar and wine shop (in Via San Sebastiano); the extravagant and very particular "Buca di Bacco" (in Calata San Severo), Las Tapas, where you can sit and drink at a table in the open air, watching the world go by and chatting with whoever happens by.
If you like Jazz, there are plenty of opportunities to listen to good live jam sessions, specially on Friday and weekends, after 22.00 at the "Bourbon Street" (in Via Bellini), the "Murat" (in Via Bellini) or at the "Otto Jazz Club" (in Salita Cariati).
If you want to turn the evening into an allnighter, or dance to the latest underground music, the "Velvet" (in Via Cisterna dellOlio) in the bowels of the Ancient Centre, is just the place to go. (Simona Virgilio)


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