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San Martino National Museum and Charterhouse - Naples

The Neapolitan Monastery, next to Saint Elmo Castle, dedicated to Saint Martin, bishop of Tours, was founded in 1325 at the behest of Charles, Duke of Calabria and son of Robert of Angiò.
The enormous structure was designed by the Senese architect Tino di Camaino and by Attanasio Primario who followed closely the architectural canons of the Carthusian order to which the monastery belonged and the rules laid down by its founder, Saint Bruno of Cologne.
The oldest illustration of the Charterhouse of San Matino is the famous "Tavola Strozzi" (Strozzi Table"), exhibited in the section of the Museum dedicated to "Images and memories of the city": the convent, with its curious crenellations, seems closely connected to the neighboring Castle Sant'Elmo.
Little remains today of the original gothic structure which has been profoundly modified by successive restructurings.
Between the end of the 1500s and the 1600s the whole monastery was completely transformed at the hands of several artists.
Only the subterranean parts have retained their original form and they now houses the section of the Museum dedicated to sculpture.
In one of the historic milieus of the Charterhouse, the ancient kitchens, one can also find the "Sezione presepiale" which houses models of the nativity Scene of Christ, including the famous work by "Cuciniello": this spectacular Nativity Scene is created inside an artificial grotto, animated by countless figures of shepherds, animals, still life and a spectacular oriental Magi cortege, an 18th century popular immagination scenario.
Other holdings of the Museum include sculptures, glasses, the gallery located in the priory, a collection of Neapolitan paintings from the 19th century, and carriages section.
From both the Museum and the Charterhouse it is possible to enjoy spectacular views over the Bay of Naples and the hills of Vomero.

Naples, Largo San Martino 8

All days from 8.30 to 19.30
1 January from 14.30 to 19.30
Wednesday closed (except during the "Cultural Heritage Week")

EUR 6,00 Adults
EUR 3,00 for European Union members between 18 and 25 years old
Free Entrance for European Union members under 18 and over 65 years old
Free Entrance with Campania Artecard
EUR 1,50 Entrance reservation
Ticket office close one hour before Museum closing time

Facilities Available
Information Desk, Cloakroom, Bookshop, Educational Department and Visitor Materials

Additional Notes
The San Martino National Museum and Charterhouse are sites of CAMPANIA ARTECARD circuit

How you can get there from the Hotel
From Via del Parco Margherita (on the right of the Piazza Amedeo subway Station) take the Chiaia funicolar and get off at Cimarosa stop (last stop); proceed by bus from Piazza Vanvitelli (near the funicolar Station) n° V1 and get off at San Martino stop (last stop): the National Museum of San Martino is in Largo San Martino 8.


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