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Open Air Museum of Naples - The Streets of the Art

Tourist Reception Center of Open Air Museum of Naples

In Via Pietro Colletta, in the heart of Ancient Centre of Naples, it is the first tourist reception center of the city.
It is a modern 800 square meters facility developed on two levels, offering toursts and citizens, a variety of useful services to help them discovering Naples.
The main part of the activity is based on the audio-guide service, in 6 different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) supported by a booklet and by information boards by each monuments included in the 4 itineraries: the Major Decuman (also called the Main Decuman), the Superior one and the Inferior one, better known as "Spaccanapoli".
The fourth itinerary is constituted by the narrow streets perpendicularly intersecting the Decumans; they all together are the grid of the Ancient Greek-Roman Town.

An there is a lot more. Inside of Tourist Reception Center of Open Air Museum of Naples there are: a corner where it is possible to taste the original pizza made first quality ingredients, an exhibition area, a conference room, a bookshop with lots of books of Naples and surroundings and a corner dedicated to local craftsmanship.
Among the other services, there is an information point, a luggage deposit and toilets.

The high quality of the offer at a very competitive cost is the force of this new structure that is strongly willing to become the starting point for experiencing Naples, but also a place where tourist, after a long and tiring day, can feel at home.


The Ancient Centre of Naples, marked by the old "Decumans", has an undeniable fact: the strong presence of artefacts of inestimable value inserted into a fabric of a living city.
Art is in public and private buildings, from churches to palaces.
You can easily talk of a unique art-city relationship in the world.
The City itself, and its Ancient Centre in particular, is indeed a Museum, whose "idel room" are made up of that monumental, pictorial and sculptural heritage that make it unique because of the evident cultural layering.
It is for that reason M.A.N. has been born, the largest Open-Air Museum in the world, in an area of 750.000 sq. m., with 8 kilometres of route, marked by explanatory signs, that sorround the entire area from Capuano Castle to Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, from Piazza Bellini to Via Mezzocannone along the three Decumans ("Major", "Inferior" and "Superior") that are still a hallmark of the urban structureof the Ancient Greek-Roman City.
Inside, the Museum includes the most prestigious monuments of the city: 200 churches and archaeological sites, a good 3.000 works of art that can be seen thanks to a service of visits to the area, of audio-guides connected to educational panels and to shows and events that let you discover the history of the Ancient City Centre and its development over the centuries.

MAJOR DECUMAN (Via Tribunali)

The itinerary starts from Piazza Bellini and continues along Via San Pietro a Majella, Via Tribunali and Piazza Riario Sforza (with its spires of San Gennaro as far as Capuano Castle.
Monuments: Church of Sant'Antonio delle Monache at Port'Alba, Church of San Pietro a Majella, Church of the Croce di Lucca, the Pontano Chapel, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (la Pietrasanta), Church of Purgatorio ad Arco, Church of San Paolo Maggiore, Church and archaeological site of San Lorenzo Maggiore, the Monastery of the Girolamini, Pio Monte della Misericordia and Santa Maria della Pace.

INFERIOR DECUMAN (Via Benedetto Croce, Via San Biagio dei Librai, Via Vicaria Vecchia and Via Giudecca Vecchia, known as "Spaccanapoli")

The itinerary starts from Piazza del Gesù and continues along Via Benedetto Croce, Via San Sebastiano, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Piazzetta Nilo, Via San Biagio dei Librai finishing in Via San Gregorio Armeno.
Monuments: Church of Gesù Nuovo, Church of Santa Marta, Church and Monastery of Santa Chiara, Church of San Domenico Maggiore, the Sansevero Chapel, Church of Sant'Angelo a Nilo, Church of Santi Filippo and Giacomo, Chapel of Monte di Pietà and the Church and Grounds of San Gregorio Armeno.

SUPERIOR DECUMAN (Via Sapienza, Via Pisanelli, Via Anticaglia and Via SS. Apostoli)

The itinerary starts from Via Pisanelli and continues along Via Anticaglia and as far as Via San Giovanni a Carbonara.
Monuments: Church of San Giuseppe dei Ruffi, Picture Gallery of the Girolamini, Duomo, Church of Santa Maria Donnaregina, Church of Santi Apostoli and Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara.

Itinerary from Piazza Plebiscito to Piazza San Domenico Maggiore

The itinerary goes from Piazza Trieste e Trento through Piazza Municipio along Via Medina to Largo Santa Maria La Nova.
Monuments: Church of San Francesco di Paola, Church of San Ferdinando, the Maschio Angioino, Church of San Giacomo degli Spagnoli, Church of Incoronata, Church of Pietà dei Turchini, Church of San Giuseppe Maggiore, Church of Santa Maria La Nova, Church of Santa Maria dell'Aiuto, the Pappacoda Chapel and Church of San Girolamo delle Monache.


All these monuments can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00, Wednesday exclusing.

In order to know all excursions details of Ancient Centre of Naples kindly click the link at the bottom of page.

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How you can get there from the Hotel
From the Piazza Amedeo Station take line 2 on the subway, in the direction of Gianturco, and get off in Piazza Cavour (second stop). From Piazza Cavour enter in Via Duomo arriving to the crossroad with Via Tribunali (after the Cathedral); proceed, turning on the left, for about 300 metres until Capuano Castle: Naples Open Air Museum (MAN) is in Via Pietro Colletta 89, on the right to Capuano Castle.


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