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National Archaeological Museum (MANN) - Naples

The history of this Museum began in 1734 with the arrival of Charles of Bourbon.
His son, Ferdinand, decided to construct a magnificent Museum in which to hold objects and items found in the excavations in and around Vesuvius and the rich Farnese collection.
The actual Museum was located on the old site of the Palazzo degli Studi which was restored firstly by Fuga and then, later, by Schiantarelli.
With the unification of Italy the Museum became national and was enriched by new acquisitions and a reorganisation of existing collections.
In 1957 the picture gallery was transferred to Reggia di Capodimonte and, thereby, today's National Museum was realised; one of the most richly endowed Archaeological Museums in existence and particularly rich in Greek-Roman holdings.
The Epigraphy Collection: this contains documents in Greek, Oscan, Latin and various other pre-Roman languages.
Among these are both political and religious texts and a selection of inscriptions found in the area of Vesuvius.
The Egyptian Collection: testifying to the relationship between Egypt and the Roman world from the 4th century B.C., this collection includes a variety of Egyptian artefacts including mummified humans, a mummified crocodile and a statue of Anubis from Cuma.
The Farnese Collection: this is made up of over 400 sculptures, paintings, gems and precious materials.
Of the sculptures one of the most noted is the enormous Tirannicidi, a copy of an original Athenean work from the Villa Adriana in Tivoli.
Other noted pieces include the Hercules of Farnese and the Bull of Farnese.
Frescoes from the ville vesuviane (villas in the Vesuvius region) are also displayed as are the sculptures from the "Villa dei Papiri" (Villa of Papyri).
In all there are 50 marble sculptures and 21 statues which exhibit a Roman interpretation of an artistic style which originated in Lysippus.
In one particular section, the so-called "Secret Cabinet", are displayed various objects of erotic art found at Pompeii during excavations there.
Access to the section with numbers limited at the entrance reservation required.
The Museum also frequently hosts shows and exhibitions of contemporary art.

Naples, Piazza Museo 19

All days from 9.00 to 20.00
Tuesday closed (except during the "Cultural Heritage Week")
1 January and 25 December closed

EUR 6,50 Adults
EUR 3,25 for European Union members between 18 and 25 years old
EUR 3,50 Extra charge for exhibitions
Free Entrance for European Union members under 18 and over 65 years old
Free Entrance with Campania Artecard
EUR 1,50 Entrance reservation
EUR 4,00 Audioguides in Italian and English (duration 70 minutes)
Ticket office close one hour before Museum closing time

Facilities Available
Information Desk, Cloakroom, Bookshop, Educational Department and Visitor Materials

Additional Notes
The National Archaeological Museum is a site of CAMPANIA ARTECARD circuit

How you can get there from the Hotel
From the Piazza Amedeo Station take line 2 on the subway, in the direction of Gianturco, and get off in Piazza Cavour (second stop): the National Archaeological Museum is in front of the subway Station in Piazza Museo 19.



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