Special deals Naples hotels - Hotel Pinto Storey - special hotel rates Naples - Naples hotel deals
Special deals Naples hotels - special hotel rates Naples - Naples hotel deals - hotels
Naples hotels Naples hotels
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3-star hotels Naples: Special rates

Pinto Storey offers numerous special deals for discounted hotel rates in Naples, not to be missed for a 3-star hotel in Naples: last minute deals, special business deals, special weekend deals in Naples, discounted rates for mid-week and week stays. Take advantage now! We're looking forward to accommodating you in an elegant nineteenth century Art Nouveau palazzo in the heart of Naples with a warm and homey atmosphere, impeccable and friendly service, the best hotel in Naples with special rates.

Naples hotel deals

Visit Naples thanks special deals art lovers can't miss: along with accommodations, we're offering customized solutions to discover the city: tours of the treasures of Naples or excursions to the most famous sites on the Gulf: Pompeii, Herculaneum, the Vesuvius, Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. Don't miss out, a Naples hotel deal combined with an exciting city adventure.

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Naples hotel deals
Hotel Pinto-Storey - Via G. Martucci, 72 - 80121 Naples, Italy - Ph. +39.081.681260 Fax +39.081.667536
VAT NUMBER 07073770633 - booking@pintostorey.it
Naples hotels
Naples hotels
Special hotel deals Naples - special hotel rates Naples - Naples hotel deals